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So... I'm a little bored...

2008-06-15 17:48:51 by Dizzzymushroom


I've been playing with plasticine for a little while.
(And I got some new colours for my birthday - woo)

Got some ideas for new animations.

There's a weird cat - not 100% sure what I'm going to do with that yet.

It's pretty strange I was just scribbling down some things and started drawing a cat. I drew it a few more times, then i decided to have a go at making it. O.o Still unsure about the end result but meh, I can always start again.

Also there is RedMans! Lots of them! (Not just red anymore either.)
There will be voices!

There's about 7 of them sat on my desk, they're a little creepy.

>_> I also have a tonne of music to sort though and decide what should go where.



This is the part where I can be even more boring and twitter on about things that are going on right now, making me happy, sad or somewhere inbetween..

I've been feeling a little weird recently, unmotivated and unloved. =/ [Not the best place to scribble this I know] I guess I'm just missing people.
Summer holidays and everyone is working all the time -.-"
Missing my best friend in particular who has gone to spend time with her dad. >_> Bitch!

Living on an island... Joy!
Cut off from 'normal people'
Stuck here with strange old men who talk about the good old days an how they
'had to make their own fun'
Which would be more fun if my best friend/girlfriend was here >_>

Ahh well.
I'm sure newgrounds can keep me reasonably occupied for the time being.

Also, been working on Paint Shop Pro recently...

So... I'm a little bored...


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2008-06-16 19:53:30


Dizzzymushroom responds:



2008-06-28 20:16:02

sounds like your having the most fun you have ever had in years........also keep up the animations

Dizzzymushroom responds:

Fun fun!

Working on an animation atm. (Y)


2008-06-28 20:16:25

also just asking are you a lesbian.............

Dizzzymushroom responds: