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Entry #5

New animation*

2009-04-15 04:51:26 by Dizzzymushroom

1) Ideas, idea blasts and first sketches need to be developed into something usable. Maybe even so far as profiles for each character, their likes and dislikes, where they live and what they do. The first drawings will be simple, more detail could be added for the paper versions, but high levels of detail will be unnecessary for the final animation. I will post some of the images here as soon as they are completed for feedback and whatnot. It is unlikely that there will be high numbers of characters so I can make sure I know the ones that I do have inside out, upside down and back-to-front. I will keep you updated.

2) Creating a story, first a pretty simple story, just the very basic structure of what is going to happen to the protagonists during the events on screen. The story will then be developed further to include finer details which will hold the plot together and make it seem like more care has been taken over it. Again, I will keep you updated on this.

3) Storyboard-ing. Joy of joys. Combining the character drawings with the story that I have created, I think that this is going to be completed on paper, for ease of referencing during the animating stage.

4) ANIMATE! I am hoping to use Flash to animate this short piece, I think that the practice will be good and will help me to move on to bigger projects for the summer. Animation after completion is probably heading towards Newgrounds' direction, although I am sure I can provide anyone with a link.

~Sound? I am unsure of what 'voicing' is going to be used at the moment, it may even be subtitled to make it easier on the viewer, I simply do not know.

*Probably never going to happen, don't hold your breath.


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